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Frequently Asked Questions

Obvioulsy you have questions, here is just a quick list of our most common queries we receive. If you cannot find your answer or would like to discuss further, do not hesitate to contact us direct either via phone or email.

Does Online Tutoring Work?

The simple answer is yes, although not in all cases. Covid lockdowns taught us alot about online tutoring and how to keep children engaged while learning online. It doesn’t work for all children (Usually K-2 struggle) beyond that we have have seen some  great success with online tutoring.

How does it all work?

It’s simple, give us a call or send us an email. We will give you a call and ask for more information (i.e. how is your child doing at school, strengths, weaknesses etc.) We will pair them up with a suitable tutor for a free trial lesson and we go from there.

Are your tutors qualified?

All of our online tutors also work with us onsite at our tutoring centre in Five Dock. Our tutors range from First year University students (90+ Atar’s, Band 6’s, distinguished achievers, state ranks etc.) through to Post Grad Students, PHD’s, professors, qualified teachers, retired teachers and industry professionals.

Each of our tutors have worked with us for several years and our new staff are mentored by our existing staff to ensure our high standard is maintained.. We are very selective in our hiring processes and only hire absolutely amazing staff. 

What if my child doesn't like their tutor?

You don’t always connect with every person you meet, the same can be said for children and tutors. If your child does not connect or feel they can learn from their tutor, let us know. No one gets offended. We hire a wide array of tutors from all walks of life. We may not get it right the first time, but 99% of the time we find the right fit.

My child is Gifted and Talented, can you help?

This is the beauty in what we do. Many tutoring centres fill classrooms with student and emulate the school environment. We approach things quite differently, every child has their strengths and weaknesses, we work those out and provide the right tutor. We have year 7 children working at year 12 levels, we have year 3 children working at year 7 levels. Our trick is finding out what makes them tick and structuring content in a way they can absorb and connect with.

What about Special needs?

This gets tricky, the simple answer is yes. We have fully qualified special needs teachers on hand to tutor your child. ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Processing Disorders etc. We have worked with all manner of children at all stages of development. Let us know your requirements and we will have an open and frank discussion about whether we believe we can help. If we cannot help we are more than happy to refer you to someone we believe can.

We say this is tricky because we would love to say we can help all children, sometimes we cannot, if this is the case we will do our absolute best to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Sounds Great - Tell us the price!

Our pricing is straightforward.

Tutors (University Students / including tutors studying to be teachers)

Primary & High School – $55 per lesson booked for a whole term or part thereof (terms range from 8 – 11 weeks depending on which term of the year.)

HSC Students – $65 per lesson booked for a whole term or part thereof (Terms range from 8 – 11 Weeks depending on which term of the year.)

Teacher (Teachers, Professors, Professionals)

Primary & High School – $65 per lesson booked for a whole term or part thereof

HSC Students – $75 per lesson booked for a whole term or part thereof

Holiday Classes

Yes, we run holiday classes and they are generally by a casual arrangement (pay as you go) we also run holiday workshops on site in Five Dock which you are more then welcome to attend (or even just meet your tutor in person)


What about On-Site Classes?

On-Site classes are run at our Five Dock Tutoring Centre (Brainfood Education) we operate Monday – Saturday from 3:30pm – 8:30pm (Mon – Fri) and 9:00am – 6:00pm (Sat). 

We do run a full house on most days, so sometimes organising a time which is suitable can be difficult, we do have a waiting list but we will always try our hardest to squeeze you in.  We do have students who travel more than an hour from all over Sydney to get to us, so we are doing something right.

Do you provide home tutoring?

We did, but for the the general health and wellbeing or our students, staff and their families we had to stop (Thanks COVID-19). We may introduce home tutoring again in the future. Online tutoring has allowed us to service areas outside of feasible travel distances. If you genuinely do require at home tutoring (health issues etc.) let us know and we can always try to help you sort something out.

In the past we have also had our tutors present on premises at schools (when the schools allow it) this has proven to be extremely beneficial to year 11 & 12 students who have a large number of free periods throughout the week. 

At present we have students situation all over Australia (Even a remote cattle station in Western Australia), and we have tutors located in Australia, USA and the EU (oh and UK! thanks brexit) 

Can I talk to someone?

Absolutely… we wouldn’t have it any other way (note there is no enrolment form on the site) Give us a call on 02 8789 2123 for. a chat.